Studio Spot 575 CMY

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Has anyone had problems with the colour wheels breaking on 575 CMY ?

The units in question date from 2001/2002 and are well looked after, but recently a number of breakages have occured - usually to the upper magenta wheel. Also, if anyone has any tips for repairing these wheels, that would save a bunch of money !



  • HOB-AHOB-A Registered User
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    the belts for the color wheels get hot especially magenta as its closer to the lamp.
    if your belts are frayed its time to replace them
  • Woodj32177Woodj32177 Registered User
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    Spot doesn't have belts for CMY,
    As for the color wheel problem,
    i would try inspecting the heat filter, and see if it is starting to flake.
    If it is letting too much IR through, it could cause breakage.
    Although, if the wheels aren't losing pieces, I would leave them in, even with the cracks.
    Good Luck
    Joshua Wood
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