Cyber Ignitor?

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This cyber as been working great until recent. It powers up, goes thru it's problems. When it attempts to strike the lamp it causes a really weird hum from the breaker in the breaker box that the power is being drawn from...strange. so, I turn it off and scratch my head...then ignore it for a couple of months...long story short..I left it on just to see, if it would trip the breaker in the didn't, but tripped/blew a fuse in the Cyber itself.

Does the fact that the Cyber cycles thru it's stuff just fine, until it gets to the lamp strike...then dies...mean that maybe I need to replace the ignitor? or could it be something else?

Any help would be one is this area to help without shipping it off. I have an extra to draw parts off...



  • PuffyfishPuffyfish Registered User
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    Id check the PFC (power factor cap) the silver cap at the back of the unit that's bolted in first. If this is bad the ignitor will not function and it is far more common for this to go bad.
    If you have Cybers you need to keep one of these around, always.
  • elaydabrianelaydabrian Registered User
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    First of all what kind of cyberlight is it? Is it an SV?
  • BalanceLightingBalanceLighting Registered User
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    I have access to a TON of cyberlight parts if you need anything. Just give me a shout.

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