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I just started using the Road Hog at our church and I am wondering whats the best way to set up a show for each service. My initial thought was to create a cue list for each song and go through the cues as the song plays (i.e. intro, verse, pre chorus, chorus, etc). However, our production director thinks it will be best to put each intro, verse, chorus, etc. on a separate cuelist/fader to be able to control each part of the song in case they decide to sing the verse or chorus over.

I think that his way makes more since but i can't seem to make it work. The problem that I am running into is as follows:

I set up an intro scene with a few cues on it. I then set up a verse cue list and a chorus cue list. The chorus cue list has a color changing effect on some LED cans and Elation 575s. However, when I go back to my verse cue list the LED cans are still changing color.

How can I fix this and does anybody else have a better way of setting up a worship service? thanks



  • Mike HansonMike Hanson Registered User, HES Alumni
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    All of the Hog console line is based on a tracking programming method. So if you did not have any color information in the cuelist to turn off the color change effect then that effect will track back into the previous cuelist. You want to have all the info in the cue. The color should have a hard value of the color you want it to be in the cue. If the cue does not have any information for color it will track from whatever it was doing before.
  • J CriminsJ Crimins Registered User
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    You could also try selecting "Release on Other Go" in the cuelist options for each list. That way, only one list will contribute to the output at a time.
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