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Whenever I turn on my trackspot I am getting the dreaded "two tone" error beep. (Two low pitch beeps, then two high pitch beeps, then repeat)

I've taken the trackspot apart, and here is what I've discovered:

I put the trackspot on a personality setting of "self test" (A.K.A dipswitch 1 is on)

As the trackspot boots up it goes through all of it normal clunking operations. Both the color and gobo wheel rotate, but as soon as they both find they're home positions, the error tone begins. I can cover up the sensor for either of these wheels and they will spin indefinetly, but then once I uncover a sensor and the wheel finds home, it will begin to error.

The lamp never turns on before the error tone.

What else can I do to figure out what the error is? Or does anybody know what it is from what I've described? Thanks for any help you can offer!



  • LightGuy48LightGuy48 Registered User
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    If you're certain both wheels are homing correctly verify all the dipswitches are correct, I seem to recall bad/invalid switch configurations can cause the same issue.
  • TrevzillaTrevzilla Registered User
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    Thanks for the reply!

    I saw in another forum that the dip switches could be causing the problem, so I did go double check that. The address dip switches shouldn't matter though, should they? Just the personality ones. If the address ones do matter, I don't know what I should have them set on.

    But the personality dip switches are definitely set correctly to "self test."
  • LightGuy48LightGuy48 Registered User
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    I'm not sure, haven't tried that particular scenario, I would definitely make sure they are all off, also try exercising them, maybe one of them is sticking, is it possible the switches got exposed to anything (liquid) that might be causing some of the contacts to short internally?
  • dudecapdudecap Registered User
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    I had the same problem with some of the's some solutions
    REMOVE LAMP before trying this...
    check that the sensors can use the mobile phone camera to see if they emit infra-red...if not, you can change the's very cheap...
    or...maybe it needs can use a blow from air compresor...and a little brush
  • LightGuy48LightGuy48 Registered User
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    I don't think it's a homing issue because he mentioned both wheels found their home position and did not keep spinning, this seems to indicate some other kind of issue, generally if it's not homing then the second most likely candidate is switch issues.
  • muvmentmuvment Registered User
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    When that happens, I've found 3 possible reasons:

    1: Dip switches, as noted above.

    2: A wire sometimes gets crimped, cut, or grounded coming from the transformer (sometimes done when reassembling the fixture).

    3: One of the three sets of leads on the top left of the board have a bad connection. If so, cut off the connector on the wire and attach a new one. I've found this one commonly over the last several months on the units made in the 1st half of 1999.
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