Hog IPC trackerball keeps gowing richt and duwn

Rutger HarmsenRutger Harmsen Registered User
I have a problem whit a Hog IPC running V3.0.5

Wans in a while the trackerball only go´s down and richt.
If I move the trackerball to the left, the mouse movemend go´s richt
If I move the trackerball up, the mouse movemend go´s down.

I.have olrady checkt the sensors on the trackerball fore dust or other opstruction´s the trackerball is klean.

This problem accures ones in a ouwer, or if the console is re-started.

If I re-start the console, most times the problem is gone, and one or two houers later the problem is there again, and stays in the sistem until I re-start the console.

Pleas help my.

(I know my english typing is bad)


  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    Dag Rutger,

    Sounds like a hardware problem to me.

    Do you have an external keyboard or mouse attached?
    If so try disconnecting them to see if maybe they are causing the problem.

    If not you might want to try hooking up a mouse and disconnecting the trackball from the front panel to see if it is indeed a problem with the trackball.

    Hoop dit helpt. :)
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    Some iPCs and early Road Hogs can exhibit this problem.

    Look in the control panel versions window for the "Front Panel PLD version". If it says version zero then you have what we call the "Drive South problem".

    It's an easy fix, but it's not something that can be repaired in the field. Give service a call, they can help you get it resolved.
  • Rutger HarmsenRutger Harmsen Registered User
    edited November 2009
    The problem is gone, while the Front Panel version is zero, (0)

    I’ve cleaned the pcb front panel board and the problem is gone.

    Do I still have to take action fore the (Drive South Problem) ?
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    Not all consoles will exhibit this problem. In most cases, PLD version zero will work properly. If you are not having the problem, then you don't need to do anything.
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