Light converse on Hog3pc networking question

haslauerhaslauer Registered User
Can anyone help me in setting up this network?

I am running Light Converse on my Mac pro and Hog3pc on my mac book via a cat 5 crossover. Both are the latest versions of the software and have the wholehog connectivity drivers installed. I have worked through the manual and the connectivity manual without any success

When i open LC the wholehog dp pops up, the program confirms that connectivity driver is detected, but it cannot find the network. In the Hog network window i know there is a network as I can switch the Hog net adapter to "Gigabit Ethenert controller" as shown in the manual.

Am i manually setting different ip addresses on both computers as well as on the hog3pc? Does this apply to the gateway, netmask, and DNS as well?

Any help would be greatly appreciated...I know its really simple!


  • Innovative IlluminationsInnovative Illuminations Registered User
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    What version number of LC are you running? Also have you patched any HOG 3 universes in LC?
  • haslauerhaslauer Registered User
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    Version LC 308.

    I believe I did patch the hog 3 universe in Hog3 - In the LC dmx input window i clicked on Universe one and from that further clicked on hog. (from the list that I believe has a few selections - one of them which is art net)
  • Innovative IlluminationsInnovative Illuminations Registered User
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    It looks like you have set up the patch properly in LC. Sounds like you may have a networking communication issue between H3PC and the computer LC is running on. Have you tried using just a standard networking cable instead of the crossover cable? Also, is the Hog3PC running as a DHCP server? Do you have any other network connections running to the computer with LC such as Internet?
  • haslauerhaslauer Registered User
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    I will try using a standard network cable but I was under the impression that without a router I would need a cat 5 crossover to properlly set up the network. I got my hands on router so I will try that tonight. Internet was disabled when I tried it. Thanks for all your help so far.

  • haslauerhaslauer Registered User
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    Is there anything wrong with what I am doing here?

    Hog3pc computer IP set to subnet mask
    DNS Server

    LC Computer IP set to subnet mask
    DNS server

    Hog3pc Console Ip set to Defualt and Enable DHCP and Boot server
    IP is Gateway is Netmask is DNS is

    Im using a cat 5 crossover cable. I can no longer select a network adapter in the hog 3pc control/network preferences. Does this mean there is no active network?

    I have spent a lot of time on LC over the last few weeks and would really like to be able to network with my 3pc. Thanks in advance!
  • Innovative IlluminationsInnovative Illuminations Registered User
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    I don't think it's possible to create a network connection via a crossover cable that allows LC and Hog 3pc to operate. I believe it's best to use a router to set the IP addresses for your computers. I currently use a router that sets the IP addresses for my Hog III and the computer that I run LC. I'm able to get them to communicate without a problem. Hope this helps.
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    A Router is only required if you don't set static IP addresses manually.

    Do you see a link light turn on when you plug in the crossover cable to both devices? If both ends don't have a valid link, then you can't transfer data.
  • haslauerhaslauer Registered User
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    I succesfully (or so I thought) set up a connection between the two computers via a gigabite switch. I changed the 3pc (and the computer that it is on) IP to as the default was already in use by some other adapter on the computer. The Light converse computer's IP is with the same Gateway and a mask of

    I can ping each computers IP from the command prompt which proves that there is a connection. The Hog3pc computer shows in network settings of xp that it is sending. However in the same window on the LC computer it shows that it is not receiving anything. Does this seem wierd?

    In the Hog3pc networks tap the network status is "Up" but I cannot select the network adapter. Ive selected use boot server only and custom IP.

    So as a result when I load LC the hog connectivity driver still comes up and is unable to connect. Any suggestions?
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