Hog3 PC installation error - Vista 64 bit

Mike CMike C Registered User
I'm trying to install Hog3PC-Win32-golden_3-0-5-2482.msi on Vista Home Premium 64 bit OS, and receiving a "This application is designed to operate on 32-bit operating systems only."

I've used the compatibility wizard to try to run as a XP SP2 program, but still the same error message.



  • ryanwilkinsonryanwilkinson Registered User
    edited September 2009
    Its because the drivers are only written in 32 bit.. So they lock it out of being able to install on a 64 bit os. I am sure they will get around to doing it.. but there are other priorities first.
  • Joe BleasdaleJoe Bleasdale Registered User
    edited September 2009
    Oh and if you decide to "bypass" this, HES will not support you if anything goes wrong.

    It doesnt bother me as a user because I use 32bit throughout. However it does seem a hinderence to other users. If you do a quick search, I am sure you will find a few threads where HES/Barco reps have commented on Vista 64bit.

    Have a great day!
  • Mike CMike C Registered User
    edited September 2009
    Thanks, Joe. I've tried searching "64 bit", but the HES search engine keeps dropping the "64" because it's too common.

    I see they've been beta testing with Windows 7, but does it look like I'll be in the same boat if I stick with a 64 bit OS?
  • ryanwilkinsonryanwilkinson Registered User
    edited September 2009
    I would recommend going to a 32 bit os. Not enough stuff is on 64 bit that makes it soo much better. I switched my tablet from the 64 bit windows 7 using any of my normal programs (sound lighting and programming software for crestron/amx) and noticed no difference.. Thats just my personal take on it..

    If you had to stay with a 64 bit os, then you will have to use XPM on windows 7.
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