High Powered Wireless Bridge

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Looking for recomendations for a new wireless bridge to hook the tablet up to the network. Any suggestions? Thinking of http://www.engeniustech.com/datacom/products/details.aspx?id=257

Any thoughts?

Thanks Ross


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    In general, a good antenna will get you more gain than any amount of (legal) transmitter power. Consider reasonably wide-angle directional antennta at FOH pointed towards the stage. There are some ridiculous "Sector Antennas", but they're big and expensive.

    Also, watch out for antenna polarization. Most of the unidirectional antennas are vertically polarized, which may not work well with the antenna used in a tablet that's held flag. A diversity receiver with one antenna horizontally polarized, and one vertically may improve your performance.
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    Thanks Eric
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