Super Widget USB connector need part number

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I noticed the USB port on my SuperWidget is missing the plastic center bit that keeps the contacts apart. I have the resources to replace this part myself, I just need a Manufacturer and part number so I can get one via DigiKey, as I need this fixed ASAP.


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    I believe it's a Molex 67068-8000. It's a semi standard part, so you should be able to find crosses from a number of vendors.

    The Super Widget is a 4 layer board, so make sure you have the right equipment.
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    Approved Part for the Older boards are:

    Molex 67068-0000
    Kycon KUSB-BS-1-N-BLK

    RoHS Compliant Boards:
    Molex 67068-8000

    (RoHS compliant boards have EF at the end of the part number)
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    Thanks Eric for the info!
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