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I'm trying to create a bouncing effect using the intensity perimeter on a bunch of linear led fixtures. i want it to go (1,2; 3,4; 5-6; 3,4; 1,2) -- I can make a chase for it, then bounce it, but running it over 480 led fixtures would take until I got old. Anyone able to provide me some insight how I can easily create this effect? What am I missing? :aargh4:


  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    There is no direct way to this in the FX engine. So this leaves you with two options.

    1 - build a chase. Not too bad if you set your "Buddies" to "2' and use the "Select All, Next, @ Full, Record, @ 0%, Next, @ Full, Record, etc, etc"... method......should take less than 10 minutes with 500 fixtures if you're fast.
    ****tip here- I set my intensity key "Delta" to 100% in user prefs....this makes the key above the I-Wheel 100%, and the one below 0%....makes it faster still.

    BTW - Keystroke Macros would make this faster still once they are available.

    2 - build 2 FX cues, one going one way and the other going opposite. Then set as a chase and tweak the timing to space the steps in the chase out.
  • stephenwykerstephenwyker Registered User, DL Beta, Hog Beta
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    Sweet. Always make me feel better when I am close to your method of thinking Marty. I didn't know that I could change the delta key; that will be a huge timesaver in the future. I've programmed many-a-chase that way. I tried the 2 fx thing, and figured it would take less time just to do the chase route and know it's right the first time.

    Thanks for the help as always!
  • serdar kastasserdar kastas Registered User
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    I think this option(BOUNCE) should be in fx engine
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