Need Help with Color Command / Color Power

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Looking for help with a new issue that just cropped up with our High
End Color Commands. The Color Power Unit seems to boot fine -
displaying what the manual says it should (HES, blink off, HES again, then COLR - but then refuses to respond. We can't get into the menu and hitting the menu button for less than the required time to activate the menu does NOT bring up the "hold" message one usually gets.

The Color Command units don't do their initial power up clicking/homing and display a pale lavender color instead of the normal white light when no color channels are up on the control board.

I do have terminators on the last Color Commands of each chain (using both 4 pin outputs). I don't have the DMX line terminated, but have never had to do that before.

Anyone run into this before or have suggestions? I'm calling HES
Monday morning, but also have a memorial service for a faculty
colleague to deal with, so any leads before then would be appreciated.

Bloomsburg University


  • danny.boelendanny.boelen Registered User
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    You probably have one or more Color Commands with a bad data circuit which is causing the the menu to 'lock'. What you could do is start with only one CC connected, if this works add the next, then the next untill you find the one that is causing the problem.

  • BloomUTheatreBloomUTheatre Registered User
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    Thanks for the suggestion. We actually determined the Color Power was bad and wanted a visit back home in the Lone Star State. CC's are running great on rental Color Power.
  • leebotleebot Registered User
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    Color Powers love to visit Austin. If I didn't know better I would think they are homesick. Gotta be the food.
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