Wholehog PC System in Flight... Check pictures...

alitealite Registered User
Hi There Fellows...

Just wanted to share my newly built Wholehog PC System Flight...

The Following is built in one case. Which is smaller than an iPC, smaller than a roadhog - And about the same size as a HogIII...

1 x Asus eeeBox
1 x Wireless Network Router
2 x LG 15" Touchscreens
1 x Programmer Wing
1 x Playback Wing
1 x Super Widget
1 x SMPTE Widget

What you can't see on the pictures is the plug panel on the backside...

Check the pictures here... http://forums.highend.com/photopost/member.php?uid=5075

Just wanted to throw out some inspiration for everyone here...



  • hagberg.dkhagberg.dk Registered User
    edited August 2009
    ... it`s to heavy, Andrè ... the weight on the Hogbox system is just 50 pund ... so you can carry it by your self... ,-)
  • Hans BHans B Registered User
    edited May 2010
    Hi Andre,

    Nice pice of console building.
    How do you like the small Asus eeeBox, during programming sessions on this HogPC setup?

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