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Greetings - I am running Hog3PC with Programming and Playback wings, a SuperWidget, and a laptop and would like to acquire touchscreens. Is there a list of compatible/recommended touchscreens anywhere? What have folks used that works well?



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    Any touch screens that work with your laptop will work with Hog3PC.

    That being said it might be a good idea to get ones that work with the other consoles as well(Hog 3, Roadhogs, IPC) in case you ever have the need to use them together with your touch screens.

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    Hi Matt
    I prefer ELO 17” touch… It work great also by a cheap HP 12” “touch” laptop… so now you got two touch on the HogPC… - The ELO screen is heavy… but powerful
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    Here is a list I found on page 68 of the manual:

    Size ELO Model Description
    17" ET1725L-7CWF-1-G AccuTouch 2216 series
    17" ET1725L-7UWF-1 Accutouch 3000 series
    17" ET1739L-8CWA-3-G IntelliTouch 2700 series
    12" ET1229L-7UWA-1 Accutouch 3000 series
    12" ET1215L-7CWA-1-G AccuTouch 1000 Series
    12" ET1229L-8UWA-1 IntelliTouch 2500 Series
    12" ET1229L-7CWA-1-ZBD-G AccuTouch 2216 series
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    Thanks for the quick replies. Can you get by with one touchscreen or is two best?
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    off course you can use just one touch screen ... and split the window up... two i nice... three i good ... four touch on a HOGIII is excellent... ,-)
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