Question on cue timming

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question on HOG3 iPC, and cues timing.

I looked thru all of the manual to find the answer but could not find it.

When I go into the cue list under FADE, I see the following info for one of my cue times:


Does this mean 2s release time, 3s fade for all, and 5s wait?

Also, how would I input this "timming" with out a ", coma" into the command line?


  • Mike HansonMike Hanson Registered User, HES Alumni
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    In the Fade colum for a cue if you see multi times, this means that you have different fade timing recorded into that cue. Maybe intensity has a 2s fade, maybe position has a 3s fade and maybe color has a 5s fade.
    You can edit the cue and then input the different time for the different parameters. Or when you are building a cue you can change the timing tor the different parameters.

    You cannot just enter multiple times into the cue from the command line without some complicated systex, but it can be dome. You can say:
    Cue 1 intensity time 2 beam time 3 color time 5 enter. This is using the hard button ( Time ) and the hard button ( Intensity, Beam , Color ).

    The release time is changed from the Options for the cuelist. In the tool bar at the top of the cuelist window there is an Options button, this will open the options window, and there you can change the release time.

    The Wait time is entered into the Wait colum of the cuelist. The wait times is the time that a cue waits after the previous cue has been played. You can only have 1 wait time per cue.
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    Okay that makes sense, I would save times last night into a list and close, and then when I would open the list again, I would have 2s listed in all cues (2s,5s), even though I defined the cue time for each cues fade time. I did not affect the cue running, but kept showing up. If i were to use the command line, would I have to put a "+" between all diffent parameters?
  • Mike HansonMike Hanson Registered User, HES Alumni
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    No need for the ( + ) or the ( /) just use the masking buttons and the time buttons.

    I was wrong about one thing you can only enter one parameters time info at a time for multiple entry just start over like so:

    Cue 1 intensity time 3 enter

    Cue 1 position time 5 enter

    Cue 1 color time 2.5 enter


    Cue 1 intensity piston time 4 enter, this will apply to both parameters.

    Hope this helps
  • MisebeamMisebeam Registered User
    edited August 2009
    Okay! Thanks for the clarification!
    Moving my show from another system and trying to understand the differences between programming languages!

    So far, LOVE the hog 3 OS!!

    But this helps thanks for the info!!
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