Trouble with mainLCD on HOG 1000 and more

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I bought a new Hog 1000 from United Kingdom from used lighting equipment in October 2008. That's why i haven't warranty for console now. Till this moment console worked within standards, if it is within standards minimal one clean start per show usually during some good song of some band because mix is ,,death'':aargh4:, if it is within standards bad communication with mouse and little bit black right side of main LCD.:dunno:
Last weekend after start of console main LCD two times went out and return back. I patched new show for next day. It was for last time when i saw LCD with good brightness on my hog. It was possible to see something only from angle with face on faders during first ten minutes after switch-on next day on show :684:. From this moment is display death. I see the backlights, but it is all.
This is big trouble for me in main season, because without LCD i can't patch new show and customesing panel and faders. Here in Czech Republic is only one Hog 1000 , this one, and only one authorised servise for Hogs generally and main (only) servisman has two weeks holiday at present.
I would like to know, before he returns from holiday, if exists some possibility to get from somewhere new LCD at present. Does somebody know some manufacturer of this display or the same type? But maybe is trouble with power supply of LCD. I don't know.
Thanks for some reaction. George:1zhelp:


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    Hello, you can use the parts order form from the link below to order the part directly from High End. The main display is part number 25091020, list price is $458.07.
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    Thank you Mitch very much. I'm happy that is still possibility to get new display. I must say it to technician engineer. I think, he will contact HES for some advise before opening console and he will need to know possible defects. It's good to know that I'm not alone with HOG.
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    Sorry, but why wouldn't the part be available? I think that folks tend to forget that High End did not design or manufacture the Hog 500/1000, but merely sold it. The Hog 1000 is a Jands product, and as far as Jands is concerned, the console is still available, IE current product, High End not withstanding . . . . (

    So, parts and support (other than software, which *IS* High End) is ongoing and current . . .

    - Tim
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    OK.That's true. Thank you for reaction and information.

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    After more than Year here I'm again.Problem with LCD was for a long time searching. Finally It was cold contact somewhere on the desk of display. After three visits by servisman during one year , i think, that is allright. We soldered almost main contacts on desk and now itś going like never. Unfortunately one of the wheel which we had to take out to get us to LCD we took out with bar of steel from pedometer. Now is the wheel of intensity out of order. It coming out of console. We must change whole component. I have these questions: what kind of pedometer is it?, Where is a possibility nearest Czech Republic to get new one?
    If you know, what about it, please, let me know.
    Thank you for answer, George.
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