Hog 1000 main LCD flickering

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I revived a hog 1000, actually an echelon, that was laying around in pieces, but the main lcd flickers, not the backlight but the lcd itself. I have to have the contrast turned all the way down or the whole screen will just appear white, and you will see some slight bars. I will try to take pics. Upon boot you cannot really seem to see much, when it goes into the main bootup screen (where it asks you if you want to load a show), that entire box is all white, and both sides of the box are black. I dont know if its a video driver problem or a display problem. Also went and did a LCD ram test, after the test the display appeared to be working perfectly until i told it to reboot and it went back to the way it was acting. Is there a way i can jumper in and attach a vga monitor to the lcd display for troubleshooting. I do have several hog 1000's laying around the shop, but without digging into them i dont know if the boards are interchangable or not.


  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Staff
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    Hi Tim, it sounds like the display needs to be replaced. Depending on how many pieces the console was in, the problem could possibly be on the Program PCB as well I suppose.

    You asked about interchangeable PCBs. The Hog 1000 had two different Program PCBs which is what the display is mounted on. Each PCB had a different display as well. You should be able to swap the PCB from the console with the same or newer program PCB from another console and see if you can isolate the problem.

    You can only swap displays with the same type as the different displays need a different Program PCB.
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