LPS Failures

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So I am still getting LPS failures in Studio Command 700 units. This particular client has had at least 8 failures a year out of 24 units for the last 2 years and they have 3 so far this year. I cant figure out why these are blowing. The units use to be 2-ferd with 12/3 cable over 250' runs. They say that they each have their own power feed now and they are still blowing LPSs. Any ideas?



  • Woodj32177Woodj32177 Registered User
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    120 volt service?
    If I remember correctly those LPS fuses are internal, and the LPS has to be disassembled to access them, is it possible they have just had blown fuses?
    Any chance they are running off a dimmer?
    Even "locked at full"
    Joshua Wood
  • EsotericEsoteric Registered User
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    Thanks! 120V service. Not on a dimmer. Client won't pay for evaluation. Fuses are fine.

  • GrontrekGrontrek Registered User
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    I have had the same issue with my command LPS units and out of 30 fixtures 12 have had LPS problems and 6 of them came back as not repairable so I have to buy new ones. THis happendevery now and then with my studio beams but I just replaced the internal fuses and all was good. Not the issue here.
    Any Ideas?
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