V3.0.5 - Fixture Problems

ckorberckorber Registered User
Hi everybody,

after updating my iPC to V3.0.5 i had some problems using VL2000 Spot (Standard 16bit) and HES StudioBeam. The StudioBeam fixture had 13 channels instead of 15 and VL2000 had 12 channels instead of 14.

After connecting the iPC with the VLs they startet rotating the color wheel and the shutter. The StudioBeams didn't do anything but pressing the Highlight-button resulted in a full tilit-move.

I decided to downgrade to V3.0.4 and after doing that i created a new show and patched the fixtures correctly and everything worked fine.

Where there any changes to the VL2000 and SB fixtures...?



  • Michael_GrahamMichael_Graham Registered User, Super Moderator, HES Staff
    edited July 2009

    Is this with a new show or an old show?
    Was the show started with the uncommon library or the V4 library?
    I have patched and hooked up a Studio Beam to an iPC (running 3.0.5) with no problems in the test lab.
  • ckorberckorber Registered User
    edited July 2009
    Hi Michael,

    it was a new show created under V3.0.5 with the V4 library...

    Universe 1:
    24 desk channels
    04 VariLite VL2000 standard 16 bit
    04 HES Studio Beam
    starting at adress 1

    Universe 2:
    21 rgba led sticks
    starting at adress 1

    Univeres 3 and 4 where unused...

    Everything worked fine but only the VLs and the SBs failed.

    I tried changing the fixtures adresses, using another universe, changing my dmx cables - nothing worked. After donwgrading to V3.0.4 the VLs and the SBs worked fine and had the correct nummers of channels...

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