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Hello All:

It's been a while since I've ventured into these forums!

I'm having some rather odd problems with Cyberlights, there is one in my rig (and by one I don't mean one specific unit, it seems to be the same one every time, no matter if we swap the Cyber itself or not) that is both sending and feeding back corrupted data.

There are 2 MAC 2000s and 2 VL3000 one before and one after the Cyber each. The VLs seem to just freeze or freak out when the Cyber is turned on. I had low voltage going to them which we've fixed, and yet they seem to be doing it again. Could this by any means be related to bad DMX off the source? Or should I maybe look at voltage issues again? I beleive we're about 206V to the unit, which is tapped to 208V.

I've replaced the Cyber 3 times, and already tried out 4 DMX cards, so its deffinitely not that one light, but something related to the configuration, I have other setups like that along the rig, and I've seent his crop up somewhere else, but nowhere as bad as this one.

Any ideas?



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    What happens if you just plug the DMX in and out from the Cyber and bypass the cyber? Does everything on the link still work correctly?
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    Sounds like a cable to me, and I bet that's what Brad is thinking too. Remember, bad DMX cables can cause problems at strange places in the rig, not necessarily at that point. If there's a loose ground, or a cable with intermittent issues, it could just make it freak out anywhere in the rig.

    Also, have you tried to add a terminator to the end of the chain? Most newer instruments should never need it, but I know in the past using cybers I had some issues unterminated.
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