Studio Beam will not Lamp

ShortieShortie Registered User
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I have a studio beam that will not lamp...

I checked that it was not past the lamp limit... I also turned it off to make sure that was not the problem.

I have tried 2 separate lamps.
I replaced the Lamp Power supply, relay, line filter, and igniter from a know good light. It won't lamp... It shows the lamp light... then turns off.

Only thing I notice is that the fan's do not kick on when it starts up...

thinking it might be the control board?

Can any one help me out.


  • ShortieShortie Registered User
    edited June 2009
    thanks chris.... i swapped boards problem went away....

  • macdivmacdiv Registered User
    i am having the same problem . buzzing sound but the relay is not triggered !! , at the main board No signal is coming to the switching transistor that is suppose to switch the ground to trigger the Relay !! any advice ? the schematic i have doesn't have the relay part on the drawing i think i have an old version
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