Moving multiple faders on H3PC

Joe BleasdaleJoe Bleasdale Registered User
In the way that you can use [Shift] on your computer keyboard to hold down buttons on the front panel; I would like to use [Shift] to be able to move multiple faders. E.G. hold down [Shift] and press faders 1 thru 4 then drag down fader 1 and it will bring down all 4 when [Shift] is pressed.

Does that make sense? It by far isn’t a priority, but something that would make my life easier...


  • kmontagnekmontagne Registered User
    edited June 2009
    What about extending that even further in that it "locks" the masters together where if you press the Play, Flash or other button on one it is like pressing all in the locked group at the same time. They could then stay locked together for either that one shot or stay grouped until some other key combination was pressed.

    Combining this with the previous request to allow prepositioning of cues (i.e. without executing them) could make busking a show even easier.

    Kevin Montagne
    kevin (at) litkam (dot) com
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