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Would it be possible to have a Super Editor function. This could be a button in the editor window that would allow the programmer to be overlayed on top of the editor, but values would be visible in the same window. I'm looking for something like what the Hog 2 had with the Cue Contents window and where it overlayed over the programmer on top of it. I know the Hog 3 works differently with the editors, so I'm not sure if this is possible with the software architecture. This feature would only be possible with one editor at a time.

What I currently do is have the levels window open which shows the output of everything but then also have an editor open that follows current to see the colored values of what's going up and down. So essentially I'm looking for a way to only have the editor window open.



  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Enhancement #2203 speaks of this functionality. I have added your comments to the thread.
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    Great, thanks.

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