Road Hog Full Boar - xPe Image not installing

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I had one of our Full Boars show up to a gig that kept giving a "HOG 3PC has encountered a problem" window at start up. The tech onsite was instructed to install the latest xPe image and do a full restore. He did the install successfully but only the right touchscreen was working. They got through the show with one screen. When the console made it back to our shop I checked to make sure the left touchscreen did not have any loose connectors. Everything looked good. I decided to do another install of the xPe image with a Flying Pig USB thumbdrive. I followed all the steps to make it a bootable drive and then extracted the image to the drive.

It says the install was successful and reboots. On the first reboot it says “Resealing in progress” then a “Windows\System\32 cscript.exe” window pops up and then is does a system shutdown.

After the system shutdown the console reboots and gives me a “Hog3pc encountered a problem” window.

The left touch screen does not work throughout this process. The only time I get something on the left screen is at the initial power up. It reads NO VIDEO INPUT. I tried to load the image from CD and I have the same problem. Mitch at HighEnd thinks something may be wrong with the Motherboard. Anyone else having this problem?


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    Do you have any issues with the console clock loosing an hour every time it is powered down. Reason I ask is that somebody with a standard RH had a similar issue. When they replaced the BIOS battery and reset the BIOS settings, things were all good. If you are comfortable working inside the console, check that. I would also make sure there is nothing abviously wrong with the VGA cable, motherboard and video card.

    There is a tech note on the FPS website about the BIOS settings for the standard RH... but I cannot seem to find one for the Full Boar. I think things are different in the Full Boar BIOS than that of the RH. Would be worth asking HES about that one.

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