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Hi,guys,I'm a new comer of WYSIWYG,I have some questions about WYSIWYG

1. Can the Highend product--DL.2 capture something in WYSIWYG.In WYSIWYG,the DL.2 is 170 channels,but it only functioning for motion(only pan/tilt,zoom/focuse or intensity),it offers 30 images for DL.2,but all of them are same image(colour bar image ),can the DL.2 have capture function like "screen",so I can connect to my capture device to input the video for DL.2?
I know ESP Vision does.

2.For the rendering,only still image the WYSIWYG output?Or it also output .avi video file?


  • jxgriffijxgriffi Registered User, DL Beta, Hog Beta
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    This would be a WYSIWYG question, not really a High End question.

    As far as I know, WYSIWYG can only show stills for DL2 rendering.

    I would contact Cast Lighting and see what they say.

  • stephlightstephlight Registered User
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    You can input all videos signals you want in wysiwyg via a video capture card, I had already input in wysiwyg videos from: other computer, video camera, media server, DVD player.

    Hope this help
  • jxgriffijxgriffi Registered User, DL Beta, Hog Beta
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    Sorry...I should have rephrased that.

    WYG doesn't internally have the videos for DL2's. In order to take a video stream of DL2's, you'd have to use an Axon and import the stream into WYG (since the DL2 doesn't have an output other than the projector).
  • cormacjackcormacjack Registered User, DL Beta
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    Can either of you post some generic information about what type of graphics capture cards you are using?
    I'm using a PC on xp.
    Cost's,Makes,Brands etc

    Regards Cormac
  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    I personally never need more than my AXON sitting next to me with my WYG and my console to pre-vis DLs. I find WYG is really only useful for "Motion" pre-vis....positions etc.... and the AXON works fine by itself for media pre-vis. K.I.S.S. ;)

    But since the question has been raised....I have had good results with the Canopus boxes:


    This allows you to come in directly from the AXON's VGA thru Firewire as DV and saves you from having to scan convert the AXON's output to say S-video or composite first and then again to DV (if you have an S-video port on your computer then your internal capture card is already converting to DV).

    Keep in mind that you will be limited as to how many video inputs you can have so you will not really be able to visualize multiple fixtures (not to mention that you would also then need multiple AXONs.....at which point you are better off getting some pre-programming with real fixtures).

    Also you will need to make sure you are running the PERFORM version of WYG or you will not be able to input video.

    Hope this helps. :)
  • stephlightstephlight Registered User
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    You can also contact cast, they can give you all the cards that have been tested with wysiwyg.
  • Joe BleasdaleJoe Bleasdale Registered User
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    I second Martys method of going about it. I would consider poping down to a local hire company who have Axons and using them in the shop for a day or so to pre-program. Most companies are quite nice about letting you in if something is sitting on the shelf. There are 120 odd Axons sitting in China somewhere from the Olympics somewhere :rolleyes:. I am sure that would be a good option.

    Good luck! Regards,
  • jxgriffijxgriffi Registered User, DL Beta, Hog Beta
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    Generally for DL's, I don't use a capture card. I have my Axon next to me. I build generic palettes and get them close. Since I do lots of collage work, I don't spend too much time doing it in Wyg because I know I'm going to have to tweak a lot in the field. I do a generic position that gets me close, but anything else is on site.

    I use my Axon to look at content while I'm programming.
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