Template File and merging shows.

Christopher WrenChristopher Wren Registered User
Hello All,

I'm looking for suggestions on how I can improve the show file that I use as a startup point for almost all of my shows. On it I have recorded palletes, first globally and then by type that calibrate things like color, rotation speeds, fx, etc. across the fixture types that I most commonly use. I also have my views recorded and common position palletes that are already labeled but have no info to save me the time of labeling. As I start a new show, I open the last show file I worked on, and delete all of the groups, cuelists, and patch info keeping the global and "by type" palletes in tact. It has worked well except in a few situations:

- Should I be starting a new show and trying to merge my show's info, or should I be opening my show and trying to merge new libraries in as needed? Or, am I completely off base in how I am doing this. Whenever I try to merge, it seems like a very trial and error process and I often never get it exactly right. Often when I open the palletes to view them in an editor after merging my show, the fixture types in the palette do not match the ones I had recorded.

- In other situations, I show up to an already patched console, but I want to add my palletes, fx, views, etc. What is the "proper" way to do this.

- If a fixture that I have "calibrated" in my palletes is updated in the Hog III Library, is there anyway to preserve my palletes and still update the library? I'm pretty sure this is not possible.

- Why when I open palettes in an editor, can't I manually highlight cells and change the values when the palletes are recorded globally or by type?

- I guess what I really want is to know the best practices for having a "startup disk."

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


  • hagberg.dkhagberg.dk Registered User
    edited May 2009
    Normally I make at standard file… and make a copy every time I start up from squats.
    If you meet new fixture types… you can update the standard file and after that make a copy of the file… so your standard file will be bigger and bigger… - with more and more information.
    Leave one fixture of every type stay in the patch… and you don’t miss any information as palettes etc.
    Hopefully it works for you… it is an easy way to start up a new show… if you just have to tell the desk how many and what kind of fixture you use on the new day / show.
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