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RobbieGRobbieG Registered User
So, I have this show, last saved in 3.0.2, using a modified library 4.1.21.

I use a couple of fixture libraries that I know to have been updated and I should really upgrade the console software to 3.0.4 and ideally the whole library to 4.1.39.

Is it best practice to:

start a new show with the new OS and library and then merge the old show into that?


Load the old show into a console running the new OS and update as many library files as i need/can?

have tried the latter a couple of times (because i thought it might be easier) and a network error has occurred (either wait or cancel) both times plus another error in the show merging window.

have just tried the first way and it seems to have merged (i replaced where possible) the whole old show into the empty, new show, actually very well.

however I am at home doing it on a mac, on parallels on Hog 3 PC (3.0.4) and I have no visualiser or lighting rig to check it out if its actually, actually working....


  • Joe BleasdaleJoe Bleasdale Registered User
    edited May 2009
    Out of the two options, I personally, would go for the first. I have done it a few times on H3PC - Worked a charm for me, but the last time I did it was v3.0.1... So there may be new errors I dont know about.

  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Regarding your second option of merging in libraries... you need to only merge in those libraries that you need or those that have been updated. Currently if you merge in an entire updated library then you will likely "overfill" the available library thus causing the error you saw. If you do try merging the new libraries into your existing show then you need to be sure to NOT select ALL on the merge screen, but instead just select those libraries you need.

    Merging your entire show into a new show should be fine as well. Be sure to double check all cues, palettes, etc, especially those using fixed (slotted) colors or gobos. Sometimes there can be problems, although they are rare and related usually to library updates of specific fixtures.
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