Video Card issues in Full Boar

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We have a Full Boar that is just over a year old and for the last few months, upon startup, there is no video on the touch screens because the connector for video output on the video card comes loose. It appears that due to the connectors size for the dual monitors, the nuts that screw onto the video card are breaking off during transport.

It is not a standard video output but has been referred to in our shop as a "gaming connection."

Has anyone else had this problem and if so, how are you fixing it?

Thanks, Joe.


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    it would be worth getting HES service department to have a look at it as it could be a fault with the video card of the console, or the video cable itself. It could be a design error also. As its only a year or so old i wouldnt think it would be something normal and wouldnt be related to fair wear and tear and more a fault.
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    Please do contact our support department directly at 800-890-8989 or

    In regards to the video output connector on the Full Boar, it is a DVI connector which is not a "gaming connection" but it is a rather common monitor connection.
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