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Our Road Hog is having trouble keeping the correct date and time. I assume I just need to change the battery. I saw a tech sheet for changing the BIOS battery on an IPC. Is the procedure for the Road Hog the same?


Lisa Bullock
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  • Michael_GrahamMichael_Graham Registered User, Super Moderator, HES Staff
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    What version of software are you running?
    What XPe image are you running?

    We do have a problem with the time and date not keeping if you are running an older image with newer software.

    Before changing out the battery I would re-image your desk.
    When performing a full install your show files will be lost so back them up on an external usb stick before you start the image.
  • LisaBLisaB Registered User
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    The board currently 2.6.0 with the image version 1.1.0.

    I was already planning on doing a full install of the newest version. Figured if there was a problem with the battery, I would take care of that at the same time. I just wasn't sure of the procedure for changing the battery, that's when I found the tech sheet for the IPC BIOS battery.


    Lisa Bullock
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