Programmed up Road Hog wiped itself?

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Had a gig on yesterday, and was using a Road Hog...

I used a Show File I had used previously, loaded the show up, and made some changes in cues, added pallets etc...

I then Backed the show up, using a different name, the name of the job, it backed up, successfully, and I thought it was sorted. I then shut down the desk (properly) and moved my control position to where it needed to be, from my programming position....

However, when I booted the desk up, it firstly wouldn't load the Backup, telling me that it was 'Reading Archive', and secondly, when I loaded the main show, because it didn't want to load the Backup, it wiped EVERYTHING, Patch, Pallets, Cues... When I logged back out, to re-load the file, the desk told me the show file was last modified on the 16th May 2009 - the correct date.

If it had loaded the old show, then I would understand, maybe, but it wiped everything.

The only oddity, was the I had set my view screens to start showing from Pallets 50 onwards, because un-used bits from the previous show, the View update had transfered between shows, but, it totally wiped everything, apart from these Views....

I am sure I need to email my Show File in, but this is seriously odd!


  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
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    You are correct that this is very odd... You say that loading the backup did not work because it was "reading archive", but this is exactly what it should do when you first load from a backup. Did it never finish? It sounds like you started to unarchive the show but did not finish and thus the reason you have an empty show file.

    Please do send me the backup file that you said will not open at

    You might also look in your recently loaded shows list on the startup screen (the down arrow) and you should have the original show file down 1 or two from the top. If you started to unarchive the show then you might have a file with the same name but a "(2)" appended to the end of the name. This file you do NOT want to select, but instead select the original file without the (2).
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