Dimmer Prob SS575

defalgdefalg Registered User
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i have one studio spot 575 that wont dim the same as others. It will finally start to open when all other fixtures are at 50%. The motors feel smooth, could it be an encoder issue?



  • Woodj32177Woodj32177 Registered User
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    no encoders on the shutter of a Spot.
    I would suggest a hub setup.

    Go to test/S/UP
    All the motors will lock in a full step.
    use a allen wrench to loosen the set screws on each shutter hub, manually close the shutter until it is just touching the homing stop, then tighten the setscrew again.
    Make sure you do this for both shutter blades, and then you should be good to go.
    Good Luck,
    Joshua Wood
  • defalgdefalg Registered User
    edited June 2009
    Thanks that worked great.
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