Roadhog/DL2 issue

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This may be a stupid question but I am hoping not.

I just recently made the switch from Hog2 to Hog 3. While I have experince on the hog 3 I am stumped. In one of my shows there is a magnify effect cue where the effect mod 3 goes from 255 to 0. But the problem is that the effect mod parameters ignore fade time and in the cue editor window the values are red which I assume means they wont work. But the wierd thing is that if I hit the back button it dose not ignore the fade times of the previous cue for the effect parameters. I tried this on another list with the same result. So I gusse my question is: Is this normal and working as intended or is there something I am missing.



  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
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    The red color does not mean that the value will not work, it simply means that the value is higher in this cue than the previous.

    Regarding the parameter that does not follow your cue timing, this is because the default is set to "start" for the path. You will need to change the path of the parameter in that cue to "linear" so that the console will crossfade the value as you desire.

    You can learn more about working with path in the user manual or on-line help section 20.1.3
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