Full key on Hog Keyboard

pitarpitar Registered User
Hog 3Pc:
Looks like no one uses the Highend hog keyboard.
Since Software version 3.0.0. the the ö key = full doesn`t work
anymore. i tried every new software version on 3 desktop pcs and 2 laptops.
Windows Xp. I used that key very often.


  • edited May 2009
    There were some key mapping changes for the German and French keyboards in version 3.0.0 I believe there are new keycaps available to match the key mapping; Brad will know for sure.

    Here's the change summary for the German Keyboard:

    Key currently marked with GM should not have GM
    The question mark and \ key shoud be labeled GM

    Umlauted O key should not be labeled FULL
    Pound key located next to right shift key should be labeled FULL

    The question mark and \ key shoud not be labeled PAUSE
    Number 8 key on main part of keyboard should be PAUSE

    The key directly to the left of backspace should not be label PLAY
    Number 9 key on main part of keyboard should be PLAY
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