Bug Report b2468 - Show backup causes Network error & crash with WYG

Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
Hog-3 v3.0.4 b2468
(1) DP-8000
(1) WYG R23 - Unlimited
- Win XP Pro SP3; Core-2 Duo 2.33 GHz(T7600); 2.74 GB RAM; 64GB SSD; (x2) nVidia GeForce 8700 w/512 in SLI
- v2468 Connectivity driver
- 10/100 switch

I am having an new issue where every time I backup a show on the console I get a yellow "!" Network status indicator and then WYG closes itself completely.

I am able to re-open and re-connect WYG after this, but any unsaved data gets lost (I lost about 5min of owrk the first time....but now I save the WYG file before the H3 backup;)).

Any one else having similar issues?

***EDIT*** If I disconnect the Virtual DP in WYG's device manager before doing a backup, then reconnect afterwards all works well.
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