DMX Refresh Rates.

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Does anyone know if it is possible to slow down or adjust the refresh rate
for dmx in any of the older hog boards. our co has purchased the ever famouse chinese brand led tubes, yes the ones with the irritating flicker
problem. Although i am very interested in maybe a secondary solution other that the trash can for this problem. Much Appreciated.



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    Which console? HogII, Hog 1000, Wholehog 1? Just how old are you talking?
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    We have the hog 2 /1000 and the 500 which use most for teching lights.
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    I don't believe the Hog2 platform gives you any control over DMX refresh rate.

    But, the Hog2's signal timing is pretty forgiving overall. There's relatively few pieces of gear that won't receive it properly.

    Are you sure the flicker is related to the DMX signal timing? Lots of other things can cause flicker including cable problems, termination, power supplies, etc.
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    most of the times the flickering is related to the power frequency and not the signal, check the output power frequency..
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