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NovacaneNovacane Registered User
Hey guys,
Im wondering if someone can help me figure out what it is im doing wrong.

Basically ive switched out a gobo on an Xspot in my rig, to a specialized gobo reading 'hotel'. Now since ive done that I cant seem to save the gobo in the right position. The previous xspot that was in the rig with this gobo was positioned fine, however im not sure if its my programming thats the problem or perhaps i made a mistake when putting the gobo into the fixture.

Programming wise, I've rotated the indexed gobo position so its in the right spot, then updated the position palette using position and beam. Then to test it, i'll rotate the gobo upside down and hit the pallette and it goes to where it should, however when running the show, and it gets to the point in the show where its displayed,its never in the position i rotated it to, and is consistantly turned every other direction than what its supposed to be!
I cant figure out if im not updating the palette correctly or if its something in the previous cues thats perhaps setting its 'home' position to a different spot?
Another problem is that the show was programmed by someone else so im not 100% about the previous cues, and what was done.
If anyone can offer some expert advice as to what could possibly be the problem, that would be greatly appreciated cause its getting quite frustrating!!
thanks a bunch guys!



  • Mike HansonMike Hanson Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Have you checked to make sure that in the cue the fixture is using the correct palette. Try selecting the fixture and putting it in the palette and then updating the cue. Also keep in mind that there could be a problem with the x-spot's indexing sensor. Is there any error messages on the x-spot?
  • NovacaneNovacane Registered User
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    Hey Mike,
    thanks for the quick response,

    The xspot doesnt display any errors and in terms of the cues, the pallette is definitly listed in the cues that it should be. i've even gone a few cues back and marked the pallette at 0% intensity, to make sure the xspots are using the palette when the cue gets fired. Im thinking its more my programming rather that the physical fixture thats the problem though. cause everything seems to work fine on the xspot, it just seems to not be in the right position when the show runs.
    For example if i release everything and just bring my two xspots to full intensity and then hit the palette i've made, they go to the right spot in the right position. It just seems to be happening when the show runs, which leads me to believe that something earlier on in the cues is affecting it. im just not sure where. Wouldnt having the palette used in a certain cue overwrite what was previously tracked through, in terms of LTP? or am i wrong in thinking that??

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks again!!!!
  • Mike HansonMike Hanson Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Yes the LTP works like that but if there are any other cues running maybe from another cuelist are a chase that has a higher priority than that could be sending info to the x-spots. Open up your output window and select source, then play through you cuelist. This will show you wear the fixtures are getting there info from.
  • NovacaneNovacane Registered User
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    Okay, i'll check through it all when i get back to the theatre. Thanks for the help Mike!!
  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
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    You should also confirm that the data for the gobo index position is referencing the palette in the cue. It could be that the palette reference in the cue is only for position and not for the beam parameter. Open or view the cue and look in the spreadsheet in the gobo position to see if it is stored as a palette or not (be sure you have show palettes turned on).
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