Scene and list window enhancements

ryanwilkinsonryanwilkinson Registered User
This weekend I was programming a festival type show. I have never used scenes so I decided to try them and was quite happy with them and will use them many times in the future. However, I would like to see some enhancements. I haven't tried this in the lists window, but it may pertain to both the scene window as well as the list window.

First thing: When you switch the window to the list style view, I am able to select multiple scenes and change the name and the fade time. However, I would love to see the ability to change the persist on override settings here as well. Maybe I just don't know how to do it, but I tried just about every key combination I could think of and wasn't able to. It should be toggling by pressing set if I am correct. I just had to open every scene I wanted to change, press options and then press persist on override. Then had to close both windows. Its fine for a couple times. But I was doing about 40 scenes, and it got old fast.

Second thing: You know how when you hold a choose button the bar on the right screen comes up to change options such as timing or persist on override.. Well it also comes up with you push and hold a list or scene in their window. However since I was on an iPc and it is not multi-touch across even multiple displays, it did no good what so ever. Is there a button I can press such as pig and click a scene or list and have the window hold visible until released? This would be a great feature to add if it is not already..



  • kevinj.lawsonkevinj.lawson Registered User
    edited April 2009
    I've had issues on my RHFB with your second comment. Occassionally I think I will button mash my screens enough that it ends up breaking how scenes and lists are selected. When I touch a scene or list the software thinks I'm holding the list or scene down and I don't know how to get it back to normal operation besides logging out and logging back in.
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