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Hi Guys,

I'm wondering... If the DL4 comes out to play.. Can there be a Hippotizer Server in it? Or could the Axon be upgraded so you can run your RGBHV/VGA signals through the server so you keystone those signals..
A lot of VJ's and presentations want to run VGA but in the DL2 & 3's it doesn't run through the server, making it pretty hard to project in a nice perspective in the venue I work in.

Hope somebody will hear my prayers some times..
I know you can framegrab/capture VGA easily in Windows, but nobody seems to use it. Or am I wrong?




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    Judging from what Scott said a while ago, the hippo will go into the DML-1200 and the AXON will stay in the DL line. So if there will be a DL.4 I think it will be an AXON. i think the AXON is better though.

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    I highly doubt you will see a DL.4 with a Hippotizer in it. If you do, then that means I'm probably in the unemployment line ;)

    You might be interested in the DML-1200 fixture as it does do exactly that though.


    That fixture does use a Hippotizer in it, but more importantly it does allow you to apply keystoning/warping to the RGBHV input. That input doesn't go through the Graphics Engine it just goes directly to the projector but there is a warping engine in the projector you can access and use.
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    Hi Guys!

    Haha! Ok then there doesn't have to be a Hippo in the DL4.. But if you guys could make the Axon so that it can handle 1 (or 2 if you want that:D) RGBHV signal through the server! Then we would be very pleased!
    Does the DML1200 only have keystone or does it also have Corner Stone (keystone still doesn't do the job).
    If not then our only option is to buy a Hippo Stage or HD server:o..


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    Hi Lennart,

    On the DML-1200, there essentially two options for key stoning or warping.

    1) You can use the key stone correction that is available from the on-board Hippo. This offers a more' real time' key stone correction to whatever is outputting from the media server and is NOT applied to any of external inputs.

    2) You can also utilize the Warp Board which is also on the fixture. This allows for more complex warps and keystone correction. Although more complex warping is possible, its unfortunately not real time. This is done by using Projector Toolset to create the various warp configurations, saving them as a preset, uploading them to the DML-1200, and then re-calling the presets with DMX. Using the Warp Baord, like Scott said, these can be applied to all external inputs, as well as the warp the media server.

    Hope this helps,
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