IPIX Series on Hog 3

neil-NSLXneil-NSLX Registered User
Hi Guys,

I currently have a rig of 12 IPIX BB7's and 18 BB4's and am getting round to programming them...

I wondered how people have done this in the past on Hog 3's, using personalities. I am told by certain people that what I need to do is to patch a Master and then patch Cells on top after the Master has been patched?

Currently the units are in the RGB+D per cell mode (16ch for BB4/28ch for BB7), so wondered how people patch this...? The desk seems to have a few different libraries, so a tad unsure on how this works etc... Probably should add that the Cells run in 8bit mode, not the High and Low thing they do.

I had imagined looking at the libraries that you patch a Master and then 6 Cells per BB7? Presumably I would then need to store groups of 7 Unit numbers for each unit if that makes sense?

I am not adverse to changing the Modes in the units, if people have other tried and tested methods for these than I would be interested to hear....and how you have managed these in terms of grouping etc.

Normally I would nip to my rental company and try it out in the warehouse - but they ain't got any at the moment!!



  • LeggyLeggy Registered User, Hog Beta
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    Hi Neil,

    The BB's have no global control, every cell is patched as an individual fixture. I would suggest putting them in Mode 10 (63 channel on the BB 7's), as this gives you 16 bit res control, meaning you can actually do decent fades rather than the ususal led snap on at 15%. Use the 9ch cell personality.

    To select whole units you are correct, storing each one as a group does simplify things. Also, use Buddying to create effects with whole units chasing rather than individual cells.

  • neil-NSLXneil-NSLX Registered User
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    Thanks for that Leggy... your Legend (no pun intented)...

    Looks like you could possibly be following us round the European festival ciruit with BP (or the other way round)...so I guess I will be seeing you around July...maybe

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