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RobbieGRobbieG Registered User
How about being able to use SET in the Patch Type column of the fixture window, to be able to change between a mis-patched fixture's patch points in the same way as pan and tilts can be inverted.

I appreciate that often the fixture's patch points have differing DMX footprints but it is frustrating; when patching scrollers for example to find you've patched 30-odd moles with four channels of intensity per fixture all as the scroller part and the only way to correct is to unpatch the whole thing and start again.

apparently there is a workaround is to be more careful when patching, I geddit...


  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited April 2009

    You can use the Unpatch @ command in the View by DP window to unpatch specific DMX universes of a softpatch or a portion of a scroller dimmer. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Pig+@ in the View by DP window.

    See section 14.2.5 of the user manual for more details. Refer to the subsection titled "Unpatching by DMX address".

    I also do agree with you your suggestion to be able to use the spreadsheet to change patch information. I think this is a good suggestion and have logged it as item #12771.

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