Bug Report: b2425 - Crashes when connecting USBstick

LEn-OperatorLEn-Operator Registered User, Hog Beta
Hi there,

Just got an upgrade kit for our iPC and when i connect a USB flash drive it crashes.

Software version Hog 3.0.1b2425
Intel Celeron 2,8Ghz Processor
1024MB Ram memory

Corsair Survivor GT 16GB Grand Tourismo Memory Stick

Error Signature:
AppName: ipcconfigpanel-win32-golden.exe
ModName: msvcr80.dll
ModVer: 8.0.50727.762
Offset: 00008a8c

Have a picture tagged along.

Hope you guys can fix it..




  • LEn-OperatorLEn-Operator Registered User, Hog Beta
    edited April 2009
    Back again. I forgot to add the photo.

    BTW (aka PS) when you let the iPC start trough and don't interupt the boothing process the flash drive is working fine.
    BTW2 (aka PPS) The hog also crashes when removing the drive. And that hapens every time no mather what you do previously.
  • SfeerPeerSfeerPeer Registered User
    edited April 2009
    did you try to format stick on a computer? stick might be corrupted.
  • edited April 2009
    Please upgrade to the latest software version 3.0.3. Items #12670 and #12674 both deal with USB storage issues and were resolved in release 3.0.2.
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