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RobbieGRobbieG Registered User
If I change the type of a fixture to one with different or fewer parameters, when I change it back for the next show is all the original programming restored?

a basic example would be changing a scroller dimmer to a desk channel, is the colour programming preserved if i were to change it back?

i appreciate that's not the best example, you would simply only patch the intensity of the scroller dimmer, but I imagine the same principle would apply when changing from one type of moving profile fixture to another.


  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Yes, all unused parameters still exist. For instance you can take SHOWGUN and change type to a Studio Color. The position and color information will change as you do this. Then if you change your fixture back into a SHOWGUN you will find the gobo, LED, and other parameters still retain their programming.

    I did a test years ago changing a fixture many times and was surprised to see in the end that the original fixture type was still fully intact. Of course if you make changes to the programming those changes will carry through when you change the type back to the original.
  • RobbieGRobbieG Registered User
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    thanks Brad,

    that's good news.... and a sweet piece of product placement too! ;)
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