Video Input Delay on DL2??

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I am finally able to add a DL2 to a rig I am working with.

I was going to send my live video sources using RGBHV but realized that I am projecting on a circular screen and need the graphics engine to apply my matte.

I am going to convert my system to run my live sources over S-Video but will there be a time delay?

I know there is potential for some delay through my system, but I am used to "normal" delay using my current system.

Will there be additional delay if this is the only signal running on the DL2 and it is running straight to the projector with only a matte being applied... no effects.



  • SBlairSBlair Registered User, HES Alumni
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    The delay of running through s-video into the graphics engine is fairly constant. Not using a bunch of effects might help a little, but there will still be a constant delay.

    Typically we've found it doesn't normally cause much problem as long as you aren't going talking head IMAG as in close-ups of someone singing or talking.
  • sselmansselman Registered User
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    Its a concert, so there will be a mix of camera shots, what kind of delay are we talking 4-5ms, 1 full second??

    I would have gone straight to the RGBHV connector but I cant seem to figure out how to apply my iris matte before getting to the dl2...
  • SBlairSBlair Registered User, HES Alumni
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    The RGBHV connectors bypass the media server completely and go directly to the projector. Thus you lose any capability of Keystoning or other effects and manipulation.

    The S-video inputs go through the graphics engine so you get the full power of the media server, but that does come at a cost. The delay is probably around a 1/4 of a second, maybe a bit more.
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