Full Boar Lock Up

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I just upgraded from 2.6.0 first by re-imaging the FB up to 3.0.0 and then doing the software upgrade to 3.0.2 (b2440). I have just now merged in my old show and everything seems to be working fine until I change pages. When I change pages my console will lock up and the only thing that will unfreeze it is a hard reset. The funny thing is that if I change pages directly from the page directory all is fine. It isn't until I just scroll through my pages with the Next Page button that I get this lock up. If anyone knows what I am doing wrong please let me know. Thanks in advance for all the advice.

Just to clarify things. The OS still seems to be functioning; ie. the mouse still moves. Everything else is dead in the water. I don't get any response from my faders, buttons, and no output. I looked in the task manager equivalent and it says that the playback and desktop functions have stopped responding. If I kill one of them it prompts me to restart and then hangs there until I do a hard reset.



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    Please send me a copy of your show file at http://upload.highend.com so we can determine what is going on. Do you have save activity turned on for this page?

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    Sorry for the late reply but I haven't been near my console all week to pull the show file from.

    When I got here today I was trying to recreate the lock up by switching pages and I could not get it to crash. I tried all the different options for switching pages; release on switch, hold over, ect. and was not able to get the crash to occur. What is odd is this event was repeatable last Friday when I originally started this thread but now it seems rock solid, which is a good thing! Any way I'm still throwing up the show file so you guys can look at it if your still interested. I figured you have better tools to diagnose what was going on than me sitting here button mashing the "next page" button until I crash the console. :)

    Thanks again for the help with this and I will keep you updated with any further changes

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    Thanks Kevin,

    we have the show file and will look to see if we see anything odd.
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