Upgrading to v3.0

g.burrowsg.burrows Registered User
Can anyone offer any suggestions? :poke:

I am trying to do a much needed update on my IPC to v3.2. As there is no "Clean Install" download available for this software version yet i understand i need to Install v3.0 or v3.1 with a clean install as I am updating from v2.6. I have burnt both these software releases to seperate cds but neither of them will load when i hold down the pig key on startup, or when i push any key when i boot up the console and it says push any key to continue, or if i plug in a keyboard and hold down f8, get a boot menu (HDD or CD), and Choose CD. In all 3 of these cases, the console loads straight into the IPC OS. To me it seems as if the console is reading the CD but doesn't find any useful information on it that it needs to run the installer for the upgrade. I downloaded both ISO's off the highend website and burnt them to a CD using Nero, so i don't understand what's going on, am i doing something wrong? :aargh4:
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