Bug Report - Repro for stuck Zip disks - Capital letters

Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
Hog-3 v3.0.2 b2440
This is not unique to this build and can be repro-ed on other builds as well. It has been around for a very long time, and I couldn't find another repro on the forums here.

If a new folder is created on Zip when backing up and the last letter is capitalized then the disk is held in the drive until console is restarted and folder name is forced to all lowercase.

- Setup >> Shows >> Backup
- Navigate to Zip
- "+" for new folder
- Type name for new folder EG: "NYC"
- After pressing ENTER the folder name will be forced into all lowercase
- Open folder
- Run backup
- Zip Disk is now stuck until console is restarted.

Note that the force to all lowercase does not happen when bakcup up to thte console HDD.

Also note that as long as the last letter of the folder name is lowercase this problem does not happen at all.


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    Thanks for the bumps.. sorry this post was lost...

    At any rate it is a very interesting repro you have found. I have logged bug #12749 as this case was not previously logged.

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