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Hi, I was in the middle of making a template show file with palettes, settings etc. and was putting 1 of every fixture type that I most often encounter. After having created about 100 pallettes I decided to check if adding another fixture of the same type(MAC2K Performance) would allow me to use these same palettes, it did not. I then used the replicate fixture command and this worked.

One question that came out of this was, is there a way to replicate fixture's palettes only and not neccessarily cue/scene info as well? For instance in this situation of creating a template show file, I want to be able to use the palettes but not have them appear in any cues or atleast it would be nice to have the option.

Along these same lines, is there a way to record the actual palettes differently so that if I add a fixture thru the fixture schedule that it allows me to use the palettes that have already been created?

I read in the manual that palettes are by default created globally, but mine don't seem to be doing that. I should mention that I'm putting not only MAC2K's into the palettes but also CXI Scrollers.

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    Things can get a bit funky if you are using multiple fixture types to create palettes because you probably have different values for the two differt fixture types, so it thinks you want to record as "Per Fixture".

    If you select a single fixture then any palettes you create should be "Global".

    You can always select what type of palette you want to create from the bottom right toolbar.

    I suggest reading section 17 in the manual a bit more regarding palettes, specifically section 17.6

    You can always select the palette you have already created and "RECORD-GLOBAL-REPLACE" it rather than replicate in Patch.

    Hope this helps. :)
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    Great, thank you.

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