Encoding and tranfer to DL3 with a MAC

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I have a performance with 10 x DL 3 next week, just wondering how to get I-Frames only with either squeeze 4 or Cleaner (I have both), and is there a way to transfer the files from a mac via ethernet or mac formatted HD to the DL 3. There are a bunch of questions open, after reserching this forum for workflow, but these questions have priority right now, as I have to prepare all the footage (1024x786).:1zhelp:


Benno Klandt


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    The only Mac program endorsed by HES is Episode (by Flip4Mac). Squeeze, Compressor, Cleaner...all have issues encoding to the strict format that DL's and Axon need.

    As far as uploading, it has to be done through CMA (Content Management Application). There is a Mac version. You can then drag and drop onto the the first DL and then clone content to the rest of them. Every DL will need to be on a network backbone back to a Gigabit switch along with a stab to the Mac.
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    Thank´s for the quick reply Jon, I will ask my client to buy Episode or to get some one to encode the footage, all other solutions we get me stuck on a longer run.
    That´s great news regarding the CMA mac version:) I will check on that too.

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