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Hi, would it be possible to open a feature request for the ability to scroll left to right with a wheeled mouse within a window. Currently in Hog3PC you can scoll up and down with the wheel. Would it be possible to hold down Pig and use the scroll wheel to scroll left to right. Or even better to hold down the right mouse key instead of pig so you could do it all with one hand.



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    If you mouse over the Right-Left scrollbar and move the scroll wheel it will scroll side to side.
  • erockerock Registered User
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    Hi Eric, thanks for the reply. I didn't know about that functionality, thanks for the info.

    I do still feel like if you could have the ability to hold down left click and scroll would speed up navigation. Once you've moved your mouse down to the scroll bar, you could just as easily just click and drag the scroll bar. I think this functionality would add some easier maneuvering within large windows especially the output display.

    I realize this is a super-minor request and is certainly not essential to using the console but I felt that it did offer some benifit.

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