Huge Fullboar 3.0.1 Stability, lag issues

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So in a show last weekend running v3.0.1 (2425) I was having major issues that i wasn't having in 2.6

It wasn't a huge show, 30 desk channels, 10 Moving heads, 3 DL3's and 260 LED cells patched.
All contained in 3 universes'

During programming I had the desk lock up on me three times. And then during the show with playbacks running, trying to adjust cues the whole desk was just majorly slow.

i.e. with a list of linked cues, watching the wait time count down, normally you can see it degenerate, but in my lists it would just stop on say 11 seconds, then the next update would have it at like 2.4 seconds etc.
Output window & programmer would not update anything close to realtime.

I tried closing all windows, clearing everything, hard reset etc, and this condition persisted.

Programming wise there wasn't alot going on. No effects were being run, only had 6 cuelists, 3 of which were stacks of linked cues. 2 of them were a set of 6 cues, the last was the DL3 list which was a set of 130 or so cues all linked. But nothing complicated going on. Pretty basic actually.

when everything was in show mode, playing back, trying to update anything, intensity, media file, i would get a progressively longer lag time. Starting at like 1/2 second, and before the desk locked up with like 4+ seconds

has anyone else run into this? i spoke to some others that were running in to the same issues with this software version.


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    Did you have "Show Palletes" on in the output window? We just discovered a major issue with lag when that is enabled in 3.0.0 and 3.0.1. Turn off "Show Palletes" and everything returns to normal.

    This issue is resolved in v3.0.2, which is expected shortly. Very shortly...
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    My first thought was that it was a view issue, ala the old days of the III

    My first course of action was to turn off show pallettes,
    Second was to close ALL views and delete the 2 i had saved
    issue was still there.

    It was the worst when i was running my big cuelist.
    BUT the only info in that was
    DL3 Motion Postion, Zoom and focus x3
    DL3 Global Iris mask in x1
    DL3 Layer, single media file playback set to opacity trigger x3

    that was the only info contained. No blocking cues etc in there.
    When i would trigger that list of 130 cues that alone would slow the console down, no windows open.
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