Funky cues on the Road Hog...

StretchomarxStretchomarx Registered User
Programmed my first show on a hog today and ran into a couple of issues only one I could not figure out... about 8 of my 60 cues when played back in order are hinky. If i go directly to them with the goto cue button they look fine. If I copy them into the programmer they are fine... but play in order i get all sorts of bad things going on.

What might I be doing wrong?

BTW.... I did make the mistake of going cue only in my programming, will not be doing that again.

Thanks in advance guys



  • SfeerPeerSfeerPeer Registered User
    edited March 2009
    can you tell what happens exactly ? maybe "track forward" is on or off?
  • StretchomarxStretchomarx Registered User
    edited March 2009
    if I play my cue list a few cues will randomly drop attribute info.... If i back into the same cue on the same list it looks like I programmed it... If I "go to" the cue directly it looks fine... if I copy the cue to the programmer it looks fine...

    In my cuelist options I am set for cue only...

  • J.R. Lighting DesignJ.R. Lighting Design Registered User
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    Are you in fact running "Cue Only"? If, so, then the state of each cue contains hard values for every parameter as you already know. Wholehog OS uses "maintain state" so that when you skip to a cue, tracked values are treated as "pseudo hard values". This allows for the cue to play back as if it were in the middle of a list without any funny things happening.

    It almost sounds like there are hard values from previous cues that are stomping on tracked values still. Try opening up the cue (s) in question using [Cue] + [Cue] and look to see if there are in fact any tracked values in them.

    Perhaps I'm misunderstanding what you described, but it certainly doesn't sound like every cue contains only hard values.
  • prmuchaprmucha Registered User
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    What kinds of fixtures are you using that drop those parameters? LED's perhaps? I know programming with LED's you have to choose either RGB or HS/CMY as your coloring or else it all goes funky.
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